Posted by: White Cranes | May 15, 2007

Healing, Metaphysics and Other Adventures

Metaphysics has been a lifelong study for me, starting as a child. Prophetic dreams were a reality on both sides of my family. My mother had visions that came true.

I guess in Irish, Scottish, British-American families those are just taken for granted. They happen. So what?

I had my first past-life dream at about age 14. Of course, I did not know what it was then. Yet it was so vivid that I still remember it in detail. I recognized two of the “characters” in the dream as people I knew. Later, I would meet another one.

I read as much as possible back then about ESP and other phenomena and tried to practice them with friends. We had a Ouija board, of course, and my mother and I worked with it a little.

By high school I began to read Irish hero tales, Native American teaching stories, and other traditional tales that were windows on other realities. But it was in college, studying anthropology, that I began to realize that there really are other realities. I learned that I could read cards accurately for others.

But no matter how much I study, to me reality is a working hypothesis. Quantum physics, archeology, and indigenous cultures, and spiritual and psychic experiences all offer new, sometimes better, pieces of a puzzle that keeps growing and changing all the time.

That is the journey. I hope you will go with me as I hopscotch through, time, space, and reality on this and other blogs and web sites.


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