Posted by: White Cranes | October 21, 2008

How to Structure a Spiritual Energy Healing Meetup

For those who would like to hold a healing circle but are not sure how to do it, here is how the Houston Energy Healers Meetup works.

Our group has been meeting continuously in Houston for over 30 years (including many years before it became a Meetup group), so we know this basic structure works, although the details of opening and closing ceremonies have gradually changed over the years.

You may wish to change the details to fit the needs and preferences of your members, but remember to always have an opening and a closing circle with prayer of some sort. The circle and the prayer bring people together and invoke spiritual protection for the healing.

The basic structure is this: The Energy Healers Meetup Consists of an opening circle, a few rounds of healing, and a closing circle.

Opening Circle

At the beginning, we all stand in a circle, holding hands.

We have a circle prayer, in which each person says a few words, usually a couple of sentences, about why they have come and what they would like to receive that evening. You can address Spirit, the Universe, or whatever deity you prefer. All religious beliefs are honored.

We all list the names of those we know who want healings but could not be present. We quietly say their names aloud (each of us saying the names that we know, all at the same time). Imagining them all in the middle of the circle, we send healing to all of them at once.

Healing Rounds

After the opening circle, whichever healers are ready to do healings go and stand behind healing stools (four or five in a row, with plenty of room for the healers to walk and/or kneel around them), waiting for people who want healings to come and sit in front of them.

We ask that people who are ill or in pain have first chance at the healers. When they have all been taken care of, everyone else is welcome to sit for healings—more than once if they need to.

Each healing round consists of about 10 to 15 minutes of healing, followed by a round of explanation. Each healer tells briefly what s/he did; then the person they worked on tells briefly what s/he experienced. We try to limit ourselves to no more than one minute of talking each.

Important: If you have a lot of messages for someone, especially private ones, it is best to make arrangements to tell them privately. If you have a lot of questions or want part of the healer’s explanation repeated, make arrangements to speak with them later.

Usually there are three healing rounds. It is important to keep the talking brief to make sure that there is time for all three rounds.

Closing Circle

At the end we have a closing circle. Now we put our arms around each others shoulders or waists instead of holding hands.

We have another circle prayer, where we give thanks to spirit for what was received and experienced, and again everyone speaks from their heart.

Then we do three oms together.

Finally we give a big whoop to send all the extra healing energy out to whoever else needs it, wherever they may be.


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