Posted by: White Cranes | January 26, 2009

Spiritual Teachers and Guides

In the metaphysical world, guides are the spirits, such as angels, ancestors, animals, and other good spirits, that help and advise us in our spiritual and physical lives. We always have free will to take their advice or not, and the responsibility is always our own.

Teachers are higher spiritual beings who help to teach and guide us in order to raise our vibrational level and lead us toward enlightenment. They are not usually concerned with the issues in our physical life unless those issues are involved with our spiritual growth.

If you are not familiar with your guides and teachers, you can meet them in mediation—either on your own or by participating in a group guided meditation to meet them. You can find such meditations led by various people at shops and new age centers in most cities and large towns.

If you cannot find a group, you can order recordings on line (at, for example) or buy CDs in bookstores. A good recording of a guided meditation to meet teachers and guides can make it much easier.

At the very least, you can find a book with a guided meditation and record it or have someone with a soothing voice read it to you. Trying to read a guided meditation to yourself while following it does not usually work well.

Once you have met your spiritual teachers and guides, you can ask them to help you find healing methods and metaphors that work for you.


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