Posted by: White Cranes | May 5, 2009

How to Do Spiritual Energy Healing

Here is the basic outline of the spiritual energy healing process in its simplest form:

1. Clear your mind.

2. Imagine that you and the healee (individually and together) are completely surrounded and protected by the white light of protection.

3. Ask whatever higher power you believe in to allow you to serve as a channel or vessel for healing for the person who wants a healing.

4. Allow your guides and/or teachers to help and guide you in flowing the healing energy to the healee.

5. At the end of the healing, put extra protection around the healee. They have trusted you to protect them during healing and have opened their energy to allow the healing to take place. That makes them vulnerable. Make sure that they are not so open that they take on someone else’s problems or illnesses as soon as they leave you.

6. When you are finished, very, very gently touch their shoulder and quietly say something like “Bless you,:” or “Come back.” to let them know that you are finished.


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