Posted by: White Cranes | February 7, 2010

Restoring the Spirit of Universal Love

fractal patterns in broccoli flowers

To me universal love equals universal intelligence and the oneness of spirit. It means that all living beings have intelligence, and all matter is made of spirit.

Universal love means loving the whole, the beautiful pattern, not just individual items in the universe. It is our job to harmonize ourselves and our world with the spirit of universal love.

Shamans are chosen by spirit (or volunteer) to serve the world of the spirits by keeping the humans they serve in harmony with the spirit world. Serving the spirit world means also protecting the natural world in which they live.

Our modern world has lost sight of the importance of harmony with the natural world, of going with the flow, or walking in beauty. The result is ugliness, war, disease, overpopulation and destruction of the environment.

What can we do? As shamanic practitioners we are charged with the task of restoring the balance, the harmony, the universal love.

Read more in this Houston Shamanism Examiner column:

Wherever you happen to be next Saturday night, February 13, or whenever you read this, I hope you will join us in journeying to the spirit world to experience universal love and restore it to is natural place in the ordinary world.


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