I am a student and teacher of metaphysics and healing. I have practiced spiritual healing since 1989 and now lead the group where I learned. We are now the Houston Energy Healers Meetup group.

I began studying shamanism in 1981, learned to journey in 1989, and began teaching in 1992. Since 2005 I have been the organizer of the Houston Shamanism Meetup group.

Starting at the end of 1990, I spent several years studying a few times a month with Tibetan Bon and Buddhist lamas. I did a lot of studying and reading along with taking the teachings and initiations. I still practice the mantras and visualizations. Those experiences were the inspiration for Tengsha, my blog on healing with sound.

I also organize the West African Djembe Drumming Meetup group in Houston, TX.

This summer I became the Shamanism Examiner (columnist) for Houston. Please stop by and leave a comment if you are interested in shamanism.

As a professional writer, editor, and publication designer, I love creating blogs and web sites. See the links list for the ones related to metaphysics.

For my web portfolio, see http;//www.kathleengresham.com

Best Wishes,

White Cranes



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  2. Hello there,

    It seems we have much in common – please do pop over to my blog and website: http://www.firechild-shamanism.co.uk

    Walk in beauty,


  3. I’m looking forward to browsing your site!

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